Let’s Talk: Team Building

If teambuilding were easy, there wouldn’t be so many books, articles, and webinars on how to do it! Without an effective team projects fail, relationships are compromised, and goals unmet. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Effective teams are productive, creative, efficient, more satisfying, and its members feel empowered. Sometimes a healthy team dynamic happens naturally. However, most teams need to be built, and even the best teams must be nurtured and revisited. Overcoming the challenges of building a team, particularly virtually, is crucial to projects and profits, morale and mission, creativity and consistency.

In this experiential interactive workshop we focus on the elements essential to effective teamwork: Trust; ability to handle conflict productively; creating an environment that encourages synergy, serendipity, synchronicity

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:


Workshop Structure

Exact Communication workshops are highly interactive. We keep our instructor-to-participant ratio small because we value as much individual time with our participants as possible. We will work with groups to customize workshop sizes, hours, and number of instructors to meet your needs. 

For Zoom:

In Person One Day Workshop:

“I was truly inspired watching our group connect with one another on a level much deeper than surface talk. Exploring and relating to one another through each of the techniques Exact Communications presented."
Jameson Fellowship

Working with Exact is easy: