Let’s Talk: Navigating Challenging Conversations

 Some conversation topics are so challenging you choose to avoid them. Or maybe there are people you feel you just can’t reach. And yet, these conversations need to happen and can be the most meaningful and impactful. How can you have these conversations in ways that build relationships rather than harming them?

This team-taught interactive workshop will prepare participants to engage with audiences around challenging topics. You will develop skills to de-escalate conflict in conversations in order to foster productive connections. Practices will include finding shared values, cultivating compassion, and reaching across ideological differences.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

Workshop Structure

Exact Communication workshops are highly interactive. We keep our instructor-to-participant ratio small because we value as much individual time with our participants as possible. We will work with groups to customize workshop sizes, hours, and number of instructors to meet your needs. 

In Person One Day Workshop:

For Zoom:

“I had many preconceived ideas about my own abilities, but this workshop gently laid open the areas that I need to tackle if I want meaningful interactions."
Jonathan D.

Working with Exact is easy: