At Exact Communication we believe that YOU have the power to make an impactful connection.

Our interactive approach guides you through a process of discovery and practice, empowering you to find and use your individual, authentic voice. We do this through a series of scaffolded exercises grounded in improvisational theater and the science of communication.

In our workshops you will discover the power of improv as a valuable communication tool. You will learn how to be present with a partner and an audience, to be confident thinking on your feet, and to adjust as needed in the moment. And we all laugh a lot while doing it!

You will develop a set of skills that can be used for a variety of audiences to make what you are saying memorable and engaging. Each workshop allows time for you to practice and receive feedback from your peers and from the Exact team. You will walk away with the tools you need to be heard, have an impact, and make a difference.

Where our work is, there let our joy be.

The Exact Team

We are professional coaches who know that effective communication happens when we understand who our “audience” is, approach each communication with empathy, and have a clear goal. 

We come to communication training from backgrounds in media, journalism, science, improvisation, theater, dance, education, writing, and coaching. We know effective communication can be transformative and how we communicate matters.

Because humans are relational beings, we grow, learn, and are truly happy and successful when we connect with others. We believe everyone can learn to communicate with compassion, understanding, and clarity.