Let’s Talk: Climate Change

Climate change is happening all around us, and yet we still struggle to have productive conversations about it. We need to communicate in ways that connect the dots and help move toward productive climate action whether it’s about a disaster half a world away or one in your own backyard.

This interactive workshop will empower you to talk about any of the aspects of climate change that you care about: the science, the environment, or its impact on people’s lives. You will learn to break the spiral of climate silence and seek out shared interests and values so that you can connect with others and have conversations that lead to action. You will also practice ways to turn uncomfortable situations into opportunities to create genuine connection. This workshop will give you tools for taking climate action one conversation at a time.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:


Workshop Structure

Exact Communication workshops are highly interactive. We keep our instructor-to-participant ratio small because we value as much individual time with our participants as possible. We will work with groups to customize workshop sizes, hours, and number of instructors to meet your needs. 

In Person One Day Workshop:

For Zoom:

“After reflecting on the exercises, I feel empowered to better communicate climate change with my students and to hand them new tools to use. I also feel like I have new skills to communicate the value and importance of science, which is so critical in this moment we are living through."
Tara D.
Northeastern University

Working with Exact is easy: