Let’s Talk: Presentations

This workshop is offered both as an in-person One Day workshop and on Zoom (split into two sessions) 

The day has come as you knew it would, you must give a presentation. Your heart is pounding as you realize that you’re not connecting with your audience, your PowerPoint is confusing and complicated, you have the right numbers, but your audience does not seem to care, because they are all on their phones. And is that someone weeping in the back of the room? Yes, it’s your boss. What a nightmare.

Making presentations should not be this hard.

This interactive workshop is designed to take the dread out of presentations by giving you the skills and techniques you need to help you connect with your audience and make your presentations successful and dynamic.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:


Workshop Structure

Our workshops are very interactive, and we value as much individual time with our participants as possible so we keep our instructor-to-participant ratio small, particularly with virtual workshops. But we understand there are many things to consider when planning a workshop and we will work with groups to customize workshop sizes, hours, and number of instructors to meet your needs. 

For Zoom:

In Person One Day Workshop:

“I have personally seen students who participated in the workshop use what they learned to great effect in presentations and interviews."
Jonathan G.
Professor of Religion

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