Let’s Talk: Pitching Your Story to the Media

Media outlets want and need compelling content to keep their audiences interested and informed about the world in which they live. Reporters provide much of that content through the stories they tell and so are constantly on the lookout for strong story ideas. 

In this team-taught workshop led by Marcy McGinnis, veteran CBS News broadcast executive, you will learn how an idea or “pitch” becomes a television story, and how to increase the chances that your story will become part of that compelling content keeping audiences interested and informed!

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:


Workshop Structure

Our workshops are very interactive, and we value as much individual time with our participants as possible so we keep our instructor-to-participant ratio small, particularly with virtual workshops. But we understand there are many things to consider when planning a workshop and we will work with groups to customize workshop sizes, hours, and number of instructors to meet your needs. 

Webinar Format:

For Zoom:

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Karen M.

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