Temis G. Taylor

Temis G. Taylor, Ph.D. Temis is an advocate for communication skills as a pathway to reduce polarization and improve trust among scientists, the public, and policy makers. Through her teaching and coaching, she helps people connect and communicate across the broad range of knowledge, experience, worldviews, and values that people hold.

In addition to her partnership with Exact, Temis works as a socio-environmental scientist at Utah State University. Her research explores the ways our communication influences our choices about natural resources. She serves on the Board of the Science Communication Trainers Network and co-founded the SET Initiative, a framework to improve DEIJ in science communication and STEM. Previously, she was a curriculum designer and facilitator at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science and Affiliated Faculty in the School of Journalism at Stony Brook University. Temis holds a Ph.D. in Environment and Society, an M.S. in Bioregional Planning, and a B.S. in Communication. She has worked on environmental planning projects for government agencies and NGOs, and held faculty and management positions in research and higher education administration. Her work has been published in interdisciplinary journals and edited volumes.


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