Carol Schindler

Carol Schindler is not only passionate about helping people connect, she is convinced of their innate ability to do so. Communication becomes effective—even great—when we are present, listening, and willing to engage.

Carol has been a creative director, writer, and speech coach for corporate conferences and has worked in every area of the corporate world from pharmaceutical, high tech, and financial institutions to service industries. She is a founding member of Chicago City Limits, an award-winning improvisational group in NYC. Her improvisational background and her corporate experience give her a perfect blend of big business and show business, allowing her to coach many corporate executives toward their best performance. Carol also worked with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science bringing her expertise from the business world to science. She is also the founder of The Project Connect. This series of workshops helps community groups and organizations learn to live and work better together through connection and authentic communication.

Her book, “A Doctor and a Plumber in a Rowboat: The Essential Guide to Improvisation for Performers, Teachers, Writers & Everyone Else” is available on Amazon.


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