Carolyn J. Hall

Carolyn J. Hall became a communication instructor in 2015 out of the desire to make her and others’ data-rich science and complex research more relatable and memorable. Based in New York City, Carolyn holds a master’s degree in marine science with a focus on historical marine ecology from Stony Brook University and is an award-winning professional contemporary dancer. She engages both her scientist and artist halves as a co-leader of the climate change communications programs with the American Fisheries Society, a core member of the art/ecological collective Works on Water, a Creative Programs Coordinator for the community microbiology lab Genspace, a dance-theater performer, and a creator of various projects that actively invite the public into discussions about the history of our shorelines and the impact of our changing climate. She teaches communication workshops for scientists, religious scholars, artists, health care providers, and students from many disciplines and was a certified facilitator with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science from 2015-2020.


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