Month: January 2023

Here’s To a Year of Awe and Wonder

In the science communication world we talk a lot about how important it is to remember the wonder, fascination, and awe of what exists in this world. We talk about how important that state of being wowed is to help connect with others over subjects that are hard to grasp. That it overrides our fears of not understanding and becomes a wonderful shared experience.

And there’s even more goodness in small or large awe-some moments: in this New York Times article by Hope Reese, that same awe and wonder have physiological and psychological benefits!

I hope you enjoy this read as much as we did.* And if you want to dive deeper, check out the whole story in Dr. Dacher Keltner‘s book “Awe: the new science of everyday wonder and how it can transform your life.”

From all of us at Exact to all of you, here’s to an awe-some and transformative 2023!

*For those of you who do not have access to the New York Times, here’s a photo of the article.
Illustration: Irene Servillo

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