Month: November 2022

Don’t Be That Guy


Friend: “I just got back from my vacation in Denmark. I had a great time.”

You: “Oh, that’s so cool. I went to Denmark last summer and had the best time too. We went on a lovely two-hour boat ride around the city to see all the sites. Look at these photos I took from the boat.” You take out your phone and start scrolling.

What just happened in this conversation? You hijacked the conversation! Your friend wanted to talk about her vacation in Denmark, but you turned the conversation around to talk about your vacation. Chances are you didn’t even realize you were doing it.

Think for a moment when you’ve been that hijacker – the person who looks like they’re listening (nodding head of course), but who’s just waiting for their turn to talk.

Active listening is all about being part of a conversation even when you’re not talking. It’s about developing some skills and building muscle that will help you really hear what your conversation partner is saying. Active listening shows respect, builds trust, and keeps participants engaged.

Exact Communication workshops include tools that help you improve your active listening skills.

If you’ve been a conversation hijacker in your professional or personal life, Exact Communication can help you!

Download our free pdf.  It’s a five-minute read that will improve your listening skills!

“Five Communication Mistakes Everyone Makes and How to Avoid Them”

Be heard. Have an impact. Make a difference.

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