Month: October 2022

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Why are we dressing up as climate change for Halloween?
Because it’s scary.
It’s flooding and drought. It’s heat waves and polar vortexes. It’s global and local. It’s our food and housing. It’s complicated. And it affects us all..

And talking about it … we worry we’ll say something wrong, start a fight, alienate friends or family. So instead we don’t talk about climate change to others, and they don’t talk about it to us. This leads everyone to believe that we can’t talk about it.

But you want to talk about it.

Perhaps you are measuring carbon capture and storage in grasslands. Maybe you want to help suffering communities after disasters hit. Or maybe you are trying to save your favorite fish from disappearing in warming waters.

Climate change is scary, but talking about it doesn’t have to be.

Exact’s Climate Communication workshop helps you understand what people need to hear to include them in the conversation. We give you a place to learn and practice. Because the more people participating in the conversation, the better!

In the coming weeks, there will be a lot of news about the next global climate conference (COP27). When you hear something that connects to your work or interests – however remotely – take note. Talk with a friend about it. Keep in mind why they might be concerned or interested, too. See how it goes.

When all of us can talk about climate change and work together towards solutions, it might be a bit less scary.
Happy Halloween!

Temis, Carolyn, Marcy, Terry, & Carol

Be Heard. Have an Impact. Make a Difference.


*title credit: William Shakespeare
*photo credit: Janos Szabo / Upsplash

Don’t Invent. Discover

“Don’t invent. Discover” is a quote from Del Close. Del Close was the director of Second City in Chicago in the 70’s and an improv guru.  His words address an issue that many of us have – we overthink. What happens when we overthink? We invent stories about what might be happening instead of seeing what is right in front of us. This can make us anxious, fearful, or stressed out. And that’s not a good place to communicate from. Which one of us has not been there?

To put it simply, we forget to be in the present. In this state, we can’t discover the dynamic of the present moment where connections happen.

Improvisation helps us learn to be in the present moment. It not only helps us with overthinking, it also helps to build confidence to trust the moment, our expertise, and our conversation skills. It’s one of the many reasons why Exact Communication’s workshops all include improvisational exercises.

And did we mention it’s great fun?

These are just some of improv’s gifts. Stay tuned for more. Better still, sign up for one of our workshops and discover what the present moment holds for you.

Be heard. Have an impact. Make a difference.

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