Month: September 2022

New Look, New Digs, New Adventures

Thanks for stopping by Exact Communication. As you can see, we are starting a blog to share thoughts, musings, ideas, and new news. We hope that you’ll come here every so often to find out what we’re thinking about and to let us know your thoughts as well. In other words…let’s talk!

To start with we have big New News! After the isolation of being quarantined and kept apart; after two years of trying to connect through little screen boxes, we are finally able to connect with each other live and in person. And doesn’t it feel good? To celebrate our re-surfacing Exact Communication is sporting a new “look”, a new brand, and a new website to show it off. Take some time to explore it. We thrive on feedback.

The Exact team – Carol, Carolyn, Marcy, Temis, and Terry – has not been idle during these pandemic years. Communicating online presented its own set of challenges and we discovered ways of adapting our tools and training to address them. That brings us to the second piece of New News. We now have a complete online workshop curriculum to go along with our in-person training. Of course, we prefer to be in the same room with people. But this gives us the flexibility to reach you wherever you are. We can all learn to effectively communicate on-line with clarity and compassion.

Now that you’ve been here once, consider yourself part of the family. Let us know what your particular communication issues are and if we can help. You know where to find us.

THE EXACT TEAM (Carol, Carolyn, Marcy, Temis & Terry)

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